More than a third of South Africa’s water supply is lost to leaks and plumbing problems every year. In commercial buildings, even a small leak can lead to extensive water loss and damage, not to mention an unexpectedly high water bill at the end of the month. With an Aquatrip leak detection system, you can prevent leaks as they occur, as well as reduce your water usage and save up to eighty percent of your water bill.

Advanced leak detection systems for commercial buildings

Aquatrip’s programmable leak detection systems are designed to detect leaks, stop water wastage, reduce water bills and minimise potential damage from burst or leaking pipes. Our units monitor the flow of water across all plumbing pipes on a property, and have an integrated automatic shut off valve that will automatically stop water flow if a leak is detected. Should a leak spring in a toilet, cistern, pipe, appliance or anywhere on the property, an Aquatrip unit will detect it, even if it is as low as 30ml per minute. Our units can also differentiate between normal water flow and a water leak, preventing any false alarms. Slow drips are the easiest to detect, as the unit will recognise that a constant flow of water is not normal behaviour and log it as a leak.

Aquatrip leak detection systems are ideal for shopping centres, schools, campuses and universities, high rise office buildings, estates, apartments and irrigation lines. The AT201 unit is best for use in bathrooms with occupancy sensors, or buildings that are unoccupied overnight or for extended periods, as you can set exclusion periods for leak detection. You can also order additional our infrared occupancy sensors for bathrooms with this unit. The AT301 unit has additional features for advanced programming, such as Peak/Off Peak usage modes and Home/Away mode for increased leak detection and protection, Nightwatch mode for increased overnight leak detection, and Smart Auto Away Sensing. The AT301 can also be integrated with our wireless wetness sensors for even greater leak detection abilities. The device comes with a handheld wireless remote that displays water consumption and approximate costs when connected to a water meter. Additionally, all programming and control actions can be made from the handheld remote, including shutting off water flow.

Product features

Our leak detection systems like the AT201 manual control system and the AT301 wireless control system are all fitted with our patented leak sensor with integrated shut off valve. They also offer many features and functions for better control and overview of your water consumption and leak detection. A fast test facility allows for rapid checks of system functions and the system automatically self-checks every two weeks, ensuring that your device is functioning correctly at all times. As well as Sleep modes that allow you to program exclusion periods that disable flow monitoring as needed, there is also a temporary system override function to enable high-volume water usage like scheduled irrigation or once-off needs like filling a swimming pool. Additionally, an easy emergency manual override is available. An early warning indicator will alert you that water is about to be turned off in the case of a leak, so that you can anticipate the loss and not be inconvenienced. The trip counter logs every time a valve is switched off and records recent leak detections. As submersible, standalone units, they are battery operated and are equipped with a power level indicator and low battery warning. Replaceable mesh filters protect the units from dirt and debris in the water supply, and apart from replacing these filters, maintenance is minimal.

Water audits for commercial operations

As well as our leading water detecting and water saving products, we also provide comprehensive water audits. This is a managed process that reviews your current water setup, including existing water meters, infrastructure and water utility bills. From that we analyse your water consumption and flow data. We then provide this analysis online with a tailored water saving solution for your building. We compile this solution with the most effective products and measures to suit your budget and requirements. The Aquatrip water audit is free of charge to corporate clients.

Safeguard your building against water leaks with an Aquatrip system

For silent, invisible, non-invasive plumbing protection, Aquatrip is the solution. Our products are award winning and SABS approved, designed using state-of-the-art technology and innovative original concepts. We guarantee quality with every Aquatrip unit. Contact Aquatrip for the ultimate commercial leak detection in the Western Cape.