Aquatrip Online
Monitoring System

Monitor, control and manage your Aquatrip units online

Our bespoke water demand management platform is designed to provide our customers with total control over their water supply. We get down to the detail.


  • KG1000 GSM/ GPS data logger
  • Mains powered, indoor unit with backup battery

Best Suited for

Management and control of in-house water meters and maintenance intensive infrastructure

Data provision

  • Live on-the-go
  • Data point intervals every 15 minutes

Key features

  • Proactive maintenance of leaking infrastructure (set & receive alerts)
  • Manage & programme your AquaTrip units remotely
  • Set consumption thresholds
  • Remote shut off of water supply
  • Reporting on consumption, flow and AquaTrip leak trip counts
  • Ability to export data

Added features
Ability to export data

Water Demand
Monitoring System

Monitor, control and manage your Municipal (and in-house) water supply online

An intuitive, hosted management platform that provides accurate reporting on consumption, flow and pressure (if required) from a range of logging devices.


  • Technolog Cello 6V3/ SV3/ 6W GSM data loggers
  • Battery operated 5 year lifespan

Best Suited for

  • Management of bulk water or remote supply
  • Management of incoming municipal lines
  • Management of in-house water meters

Data provision

  • Daily at set times
  • Data point intervals from 1 – 15 minutes

Key features

  • Reporting on consumption, flow and pressure (if necessary)
  • Manage and set consumption and flow alarms
  • Reporting on minimum night flow (leaks) and % of water wasted
  • Built in water tariffing engine for municipal reconciliation
  • Administrative module to manage GIS and other access

Added features

  • Capability of reporting on dam levels, rainfall and water quality
  • Ability to export data
  • Built-in billing engine for tenant on billing

Aquatrip Residential

use Monitoring system

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Monitor, control and manage your water supply remotely

Residential water Use monitor + water meter kit

Designed to monitor your daily home water consumption from an installed water meter kit.

Our device is connected to a newly installed water meter. A transmitter sends your consumption information
to a handheld remote

How AquaTrip protects you. Provides you with real time consumption information. Has built in alarms for slow
leaks and high consumption


  • Homes, Small office parks
  • Businesses
  • Residential estates

Best known for

  • Providing you real time consumption information
  • Protecting you from bill surprises

Key Features

  • Handheld remote
  • Daily Consumption
  • AVG consumption
  • Slow leak alarm
  • High consumption alarm