When it comes to domestic leak detection in Gauteng, the old adage “better safe than sorry” could not be more appropriate. Water is a precious resource and commodity in South Africa.

Why is it important?

As Gauteng’s rainy season is in summer, the fast approaching winter months are cold and dry. Saving water in winter is difficult, however, as we rely on those hot steamy showers to warm us up on cold mornings, and we use water for humidifiers to combat the crisp, dry winter air. The water used during winter seasons is not replaced again until the summer rainfalls, which means that saving water now helps prepare for the future. One of the most common occurrences that cause water waste is leaking pipes in domestic areas. This is because homeowners may not notice the leak at first, and by the time the signs of the leak are apparent, a lot of water has already been lost. This not only affects our environment and economy with the pressure for sustainable water sources, it also wrecks your water bill and can cause serious damage to your property.

Five leak detecting products that prevent water waste

Safeguard your home against water leaks with a quality leak detection product. At Aquatrip, we design and supply award winning, SABS approved leak detection products that use cutting edge technological advancements to provide the ultimate water safety features. All our leak detection products incorporate our patented leak detection sensor with automatic water shut off that prevents water waste resulting from leaks or faulty reticulation. An emergency manual override system is built into all our products for total safety and peace of mind.

  1. Aquatrip AT101 Basic Manual Control System
    This basic leak protection and reaction system is designed for installation in any kind of building. With its easy one button operation, it is known for its simplicity and ease of use in the domestic household. It can be installed as a standalone, above ground unit in homes, offices, complexes, schools, recreational facilities and many more areas. The basic manual control system allows you to monitor and manage all water lines in the building with ease.
  1. Aquatrip AT201 Manual Control System
    The Aquatrip AT201 offers advanced leak protection and reaction for all water lines. Similar to the AT101, this product is also a standalone unit, but it is submerged instead of installed above ground for better accuracy and control. It can be installed in any type of building. When integrated with occupancy sensors, this manual control system is highly efficient at reducing consumption in toilet blocks. It also features a programmable exclusion period.
  1. Aquatrip AT301 Wireless Control System
    A submersible, standalone unit, the AT301 communicates wirelessly with a remote control unit for convenience and greater control. Being designed for a retrofit installation, it can be applied to existing pipes and structures quickly, easily and affordably. It is suitable for residential homes as well as shopping malls, irrigation zones, gyms and sports complexes and many more. The programmable exclusion period feature makes it great for holiday homes with infrequent water use, and the product is a favourite for covering irrigation lines as well. As well as the standard AT301 product, we also offer the AT301MV that controls up to 16 valves, and the AT301K, a deluxe wireless controller.
  1. AT401 Integrated Hard Wired System
    For total control over water consumption, nothing beats our integrated hard wired system. It includes a mains powered unit that is linked to an indoor control panel, with a backup battery for peace of mind. It is designed for residential and holiday homes as well as single unit and single floor office units. You can programme multiple exclusion periods and integrate it with your water meter for complete control and peace of mind. The standard AT401 controls 2 valves while the AT401RT offers twin control over hot and cold water.
  1. Aquatrip AT801 “Ultra Flush” Manual Flushing Control system
    Another common point of water wastage is the toilet, with many litres of water being wasted through the flushing process. Our Ultra Flush product is a long term, low maintenance solution for cistern based flushing systems. By providing leak protection and reaction for old style flushing systems, this product reduces water consumption in ablution facilities by up to 80 percent. You can control the length of the flush to prevent unnecessary water consumption in the bathroom.

Water saving in the home

Every drop counts, and with Aquatrip’s domestic leak detection in Gauteng, you can now save water more easily than ever. Along with our leak detection products, we offer all-in-one kits and packages to further enhance the monitoring and control of your household water consumption. To find out more, contact Aquatrip today.