Water problems are not just about burst pipes, burst geysers and leaking appliances anymore. Water, or the scarcity thereof, has become a very real issue in South Africa. And with the awareness and fears of water-scarcity comes the reality that wasting water is not only irresponsible but costly too.

For years homeowners, businesses, institutions and municipalities have given scant attention to saving water, and to just how much money they could save if they do. Reality is that it was something that we never really thought of. But recently that has changed, and now people are wondering what more they can do to save water and cut water costs.

If you are at a loss about what you can do to save water, Aquatrip will have a solution that suits your needs.

Leak Detection Products

Most people only become aware of a leak when either their water utility bill skyrockets or when they start stepping in puddles of water in the middle of nowhere. But what about slow leaks that you don’t notice, and those extra few cents that get added to your water utility bill every month, year after year?

Aquatrip offer cost-effective, easy to use products that monitor water lines for leaks as well as patches of wetness. Designed for various applications and environments, their products range from basic to advanced and can be fitted to existing properties or new developments, above-ground or submerged. Each product is fitted with a leak detection sensor that can automatically shut off leaking waterlines. That means that water wastage from leaks or faulty reticulation is curbed before you are even aware that there is a leak.

Leak Detection Online

For total control over your water supply, online leak detection is the way to go. Whether you would need live data or access to data at predetermined intervals, Aquatrip has a product that will meet your needs.

These systems allow you to manage and program water-saving units remotely, set consumption thresholds, set consumption flow alarms, and shut off water supply amongst other features. You can also get reports on water consumption, leak trip counts, minimum night flow and the percentage of water wasted. Added features are a built-in water tariffing engine for municipal account reconciliation and an administrative module.

A Solution for Every Environment

Aquatrip has a water management system for every environment. Whether you are a homeowner, landlord, property developer, business owner, or a municipal official, there is a water management solution that will give you control over your water usage and wastage.

Leak detection and reaction systems do not only save water and cut your water bills, but they are also a form of risk management.  Water can cause extensive damage to property and assets. Slow leaks that are undetected cause damp and can corrode metal, concrete and cause extensive damage underground. Underground damage can cause trees to fall and ground to cave in, and damp can harbour disease, particularly if it is indoors. Most people only become aware of these problems once the damage is already done and they have to spend money to make repairs. Burst pipes and burst geysers cause water deluges that can destroy not only furniture and fittings but paintwork and flooring. No homeowner or landlord needs to ever face these costs again with Aquatrip’s inexpensive leak detection and water saving systems.

A permanently installed water management system also adds value to your property should you ever consider selling it later on. Prospective buyers can be assured that there are no hidden problems with plumbing and water leaks. You can view a permanently installed water management system as an unofficial electrical certificate, and buyers will value that.

And then, of course, saving water goes way beyond finances, assets and inconvenience. By saving water, we are contributing to the environment. South Africa is a water-scarce country, and for too long we have been taking our water supply for granted. Considering that we rank 30th out of 195 countries in the world when it comes to the scarcity of natural water, we need to take a moral stand as well when it comes to conserving our water resources.

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