Leaking pipes are responsible for the loss of 37 percent of South Africa’s water supply, according to a 2017 market intelligence report. Leaks are often caused by aging, rusted or broken infrastructure, and can occur in public streets and buildings as well as private homes and workplaces. It is therefore the responsibility of both the homeowner and the municipality to ensure that they are protected against water leaks.

How can you prevent leaking pipes becoming a problem?

The first problem with leaking pipes lies in that the leak is often not detected until too late. This is because the pipes are installed below ground or inside walls and infrastructures, so the leak is only noticed when enough water has collected to the point of flooding or damaging the surrounding structures. A small drip leak in the pipes in your roof, for example, could take several days to become visible as water marks on your ceiling, at which point litres of water could have already been wasted. The position of most pipes also makes it troublesome to detect where exactly the leak has occurred within a building.

Another issue arises in controlling a leak once it is detected. A gushing pipe has severe consequences both for the structure around and your water bill, not to mention the effect that water wastage has on our environment and economy. If you are not present when the leak occurs, you cannot turn off the water mains to stop the flow of water, and even if you do, that means that your entire building is without water until the leak is repaired. To help with the prevention and detection of leaking pipes, Aquatrip has a solution.

Water monitoring, leak detection and consumption control

At Aquatrip we have an award winning range of leak detection and wetness sensing systems for domestic, municipal and commercial use. Our products are SABS approved and use the latest technological innovations to provide reliable and consistent water saving measures. They can be installed at key points such as incoming main lines, bathrooms, kitchens, irrigation lines, remote water points, water tanks, large geyser supplies, grey water lines, and basement water points for swift leak detection and reaction.

The Aquatrip AT301 wireless control system, for example, can be retrofitted to your existing infrastructure as a leak detection unit. It can detect leaks and automatically shut off the water supply in the event of a leak, and will simultaneously communicate with a wireless remote control to notify you of the leak. The AT301MV addition allows you to control up to 16 valves, meaning that only the affected areas water flow is restricted while the rest of the building or system can operate as usual. It is suitable for residential homes as well as shopping malls, schools irrigation zones, sports complexes and many more.

Monitoring your water consumption acts as an early warning system. If you have a way to notice your daily water usage suddenly increase, you are able to catch a leak before the effects become visible. Our online monitoring platforms allow you to review and manage your water use at any time. Pair your Aquatrip leak detection unit with our monitoring devices for complete overview and control over your water supply.

Aquatrip Online is our bespoke water demand management platform that is designed to provide you with total control over their water supply. With this platform you can view your flow profile, consumption reading and leak trip counts remotely and in real time. Data is updated every 15 minutes for accuracy. You can also set your consumption thresholds, program exclusion periods, set and receive alerts, and manage your other Aquatrip units online.

Zednet is another water monitoring system that we offer, which allows you to monitor and control your incoming municipal water lines, bulk or remote water supply and your in-house water meters. With accurate reports on water consumption, flow and pressure from a range of logged devices, this intuitive system provides a complete overview of your water status.

For domestic households, residential complexes and small office buildings, our Aquatrip AM310B monitoring system is designed to monitor your daily home water consumption from an installed water meter kit. It is connected to a water meter and sends your consumption information to a handheld remote in real time. Built in alarms will alert you to slow leaks and high consumption.

The best in leak prevention and water saving

With Aquatrip products installed, you can save up to 80 percent of your water bill through preventing leaks and lowering your water wastage. Our products are affordable, easy to install and will provide consistent, high quality water management. Contact Aquatrip today if you want a comprehensive solution for avoiding leaking pipes.