Are you tired of timing your showers and reusing dirty shower water in an effort to lower your water bill? Water conservation is a healthy habit in South African homes, and while these methods are effective, there is an easier way to save water. With Aquatrip water monitoring systems, you can not only reduce your water consumption; you also have more control and oversight on your water usage. Here are our two favourite products for residential water monitoring.

The Aquatrip AM310B

The Aquatrip AM310B is a residential water use monitor that tracks your daily home water consumption from your existing pulse output water meter. Since it is connected to your existing water meter, installation is quick, simple and affordable. The whole system is powered by five AA alkaline batteries, which further helps keep your utility bills low. With the monitor, a handheld remote and both an in ground mounting spike and a meter mount bracket, as well as mounting hardware, are provided.

A transmitter sends the consumption information for your building to the handheld remote. The information is transmitted in real time with minimal intervals or delays, affording you constant overview of your water consumption. From the handheld remote you can also review your average water consumption for specific periods (daily, weekly and monthly), as well as the cost of the water you are using. In addition, the device has built in alarms when you approach high consumption levels or if a slow drip is detected. You can set the daily water consumption limit and if your water usage exceeds this, the alarm will notify you. If water is running consistently over a 24 hour period, the slow leak alarm will sound to indicate that there is a constant leak. As well as residential homes, small office buildings and residential estates or complexes can also benefit from the installation of the AM310B.

The Aquatrip All-in-one Kit

If you are planning to install a brand new water meter, this all-in-one kit is ideal for you. The monitor is connected to a new water meter and installed together, instead of retrofitted to an old meter, providing state-of-the-art water consumption monitoring. It then functions in much the same way as the AM310B, sending water consumption information to a handheld remote. The kit is suitable for homes, residential estates, businesses and small office parks. From the handheld remote you can view your daily, weekly and monthly water consumption and average consumption over these times, and receive alarms in case of slow leaks or excess consumption.

Aquatrip helps you reduce your water consumption and associated costs

Our water consumption monitors are perfect for keeping track of your water usage, helping you reduce your consumption and monitor your water expenses. You will be able to always know how much water you are using at any time, and its approximate cost. This information is updated every ten minutes, providing accurate data in real time.

Two line blue LCD displays the information on the handheld remote. You can view the Actual Water Use and approximate cost for the day, the average daily water use and cost for the past seven days, total consumption and cost for the past seven days, total consumption and cost for the past four weeks, and total water consumption since installation. You can also view your water meter reading on the remote, which will mirror the reading on your actual water meter.

By setting your daily water consumption limit, you can control how much you use, and receive alerts if you exceed this limit. If the excess consumption alarm sounds you will know that your household or building has used more than normal and you can take pre-emptive action, such as checking for leaks, forgotten open taps or plumbing failures, and stop them before they become an expensive problem. The slow leak alarm is also an advantage as slow drips and leaks can take days to spot. Without a water consumption monitor, these cases can often go unnoticed until the water bill arrives, by which time there could be water damage and a hefty bill waiting for you.

Install a water monitor system today

If you want more control over your water consumption, an Aquatrip water monitor is the ideal product for you. With easy to read instructions and all the devices and installation hardware provided, it can be easily installed by any DIY enthusiast or handyman. A quality guarantee and two year warranty is offered on all our water monitoring products. To find out more or purchase your own residential water consumption monitor, contact Aquatrip today.