Water is a scarce commodity in South Africa, and saving water can help save the environment and the economy as well as your own time and money. The amount of water that we waste in our households and workplaces is not a negligible amount. What if there was a way to better monitor your water use, with a system in place to prevent wastage and unnecessary consumption?

Introducing Aquatrip’s water saving systems

At Aquatrip, we are committed to saving you money while you save water. Our water audit is a managed process that will log your existing water meters and review your current infrastructure and billings. We’ll provide an online data analysis of your consumption and flow, and set up a water saving solution to suit your requirements. The water saving system will use the most effective products to reduce your water consumption and save you water and money. The Aquatrip water audit is free of charge to corporate clients. We offer water saving systems designed for residential households, commercial clients and municipalities.


Water saving products designed to save you money

When it comes to water saving, we have the products and systems that have been carefully designed to ensure the optimal effectiveness. All our products are SABS approved and rely on cutting edge, award winning technology. With our products we strive to:

  • Detect leaks and excessive water consumption
  • Protect your assets from water damage
  • Help save the environment and do our part in the water crisis
  • Provide easy to install and use features
  • Cut your water bills by up to 80 percent
  • Provide peace of mind overnight or while you’re away from home
  • Offer an inexpensive solution

Leak detection

Our leak detection product range is an award winning collection of permanently installed leak detection and reaction devices. They are inexpensive and come in the forms of manual or wireless controlled standalone devices or hard wired integrated devices.

Wetness sensing

An additional layer of protection for your residential and commercial property will protect you from loss and damage in the event of water leaks. That is exactly what our wetness sensing product range is designed for. The Aquatrip Beaver model is a wetness sensor connected to an automatic shut off valve linked to your geyser’s incoming water line, allowing instant response to a burst geyser, burst pipe or any other leaking hot water appliance. The Squirrel model is a wireless wetness sensor that can be placed anywhere on a property, perfect for hotel bathrooms, basements, laundries, computer rooms and sensitive or floodable areas. Both devices offer ease of use with simple one button operation, and will provide automatic shut off and sound an alarm when a leak is detected.

Online Monitoring platforms

A key feature of a good water saving practice is awareness and monitoring; our online monitoring platforms allow you to review and manage your water use at any time. Aquatrip Online is our bespoke water demand management platform that is designed to provide our customers with total control over their water supply. With data point intervals every fifteen minutes, you can monitor your flow profile, consumption reading and trip count live on the go, as well as set your consumption thresholds, set and receive alerts, and manage and programme your Aquatrip units. We also offer  a water demand monitoring system that allows you to monitor, control and manage your municipal and in-house water supply online, with accurate reports on consumption, flow and pressure from a range of logged devices. Our Aquatrip residential-use monitoring system is designed to monitor your daily home water consumption from an installed water meter kit, transmitted to a handheld remote.

A triple-layered residential water saving solution can be crafted from any of our products above, by selecting the product that best suits your infrastructure, water usage habits, budget and other requirements. Even opting for just one product, for example a wetness sensor with automatic shut off, can go a long way in reducing your water waste and thus your water bill. We also provide comprehensive water saving systems specially designed for municipal or commercial requirements.

Find the ideal Aquatrip solution for your needs

Conservation of water is our key focus at Aquatrip, with an emphasis on providing our clients the knowledge and tools with which to do so. We are proud to offer solutions that not only save the amount of water you use, but the expenses that come with excessive water use. Our products are affordable and durable, providing years of efficient savings in both water and money consumption. Contact Aquatrip today to learn more about saving water this winter.