We have highlighted a sample of clients that best represent the broad spectrum of products and services that we offer in the market. They are as dedicated to saving water as we are at Aquatrip.

Aquatrip is currently engaged with the University in an on-risk Project to reduce their consumption by 100 million litres per annum.

Aquatrip together with BMW's i-Stop the Drip campaign involved, installated Aquatrip units at under-privileged schools in order to assist them to reduce their water consumption.

Aquatrip supply the V & A with units attached to their irrigation network. We also supply an online management platform to monitor the pressure, flow and consumption all around the waterfront precinct. Reducing consumption by approx. 30% in the key areas.

The implementation of our Aquatrip products has led to an AVERAGE saving of 50% across the schools that we covered with the Department and our empowerment partner, Motheo Construction.

Aquatrip together with Wader (A Dept. of Science and Technology and SALGA initiative) currently reduces water consumption at schools in JHB. We save approximately 1.89 million litres of water per month.

Aquatrip monitors the consumption and flow for buildings owned and/or managed by City Properties. We provide live data in an online platform and provide advanced high usage alerts to their management teams.